Glow Stone

We are UK agents for glow stone products.

The product is resin bonded luminous pebbles in various colours. The pebbles and resin are mixed on site before being cold laid.  This should be done by a contractor.

The dragon is on slab  a 4’ x’ 4’ to his outside  an entrance of a pub.

The cycle and pedestrian pathway was laid in 2017 and still shows little sign of wear

In 2016 the Swansea path was laid by our contractor and is still in perfect condition in 2019



glowstone cycle path
glowstone in swansea

Glow Stone Path Swansea

Cycle and Pedestrian Way

dragon luminescent

Dragon Slab

glow stone colours

Glow Stone Colours

Products for Garden  Designers and Contractors

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dragon mob telephone
glowstone cycle path
vw filing
zip water feature small

Zip Rill

Water Feature

V W Filing Cabinet

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Glow Stone

Cycle Path

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